February 5, 2011

Love Bug

Every February the love bug visits our home. The first day she leaves the kids a note by their valentine mailboxes, telling them that she loves to watch the kids be loving to each other and will leave treats in their mailboxes when they treat each other well. The love bug writes notes to them praising the good things they did for each other the day before and leaves a little valentine something in their mailbox, usually cheap stuff from walmart, but hey, she's on a budget. One day it might be a hershey kiss, the next a plastic valentine cup, or a heart eraser. Maybe they'll find a heart silly straw to drink their morning milk with. Sometimes I have to gently remind the kids that the love bug is watching and they better shape up.

The kids think visits from the love bug are lots of fun, and my daughter decided that the love bug must be living in the love at home box I made earlier in January, and has added a mailbox to the door so that she can write letters back to the love bug. The love bug does like getting thank you notes.


  1. Love bug! That's cute. We have those little mailboxes, but we've just occasionally been leaving little notes for each other. I like your ideas.

  2. How do I get the Love Bug to come to my house?
    Very cute idea!

  3. Very cute idea!! We have Valentine mailboxes at our house this year too....maybe the Love Bug will visit us too :)

    You can see my little mailboxes here www.engineeringlifeandstyle.blogspot.com


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