October 20, 2011

Hungry Monster People Toss

Here is one last easy Halloween game to play with kids.

Perhaps you have done a bean bag toss at a Halloween party before.  Well, since it is Halloween, we decided to do a people toss instead.

I made a monster face on a piece of cardboard, taped it to a basket, and leaned it against a wall. Jason looked at it and said "It's not your best artwork, huh?"  Thanks for the support hon.  (As a side note, I like to do these on flat pieces of poster board or cardboard and tape on a box or basket because then they are easier to store and reuse.)

We gathered up playmobil people, fisher price little people and imaginext people as our victims.  The kids lined up and took turns tossing 5 people into the hungry monster's mouth.  Each time they made one in, instead of cheering, we decided to scream like the people getting eaten.  I know, that's a bit gruesome, but it was also a bit funny.  We did several rounds and the kids had fun.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That is such a clever idea. I love it!


  2. That is quite gruesome. But very funny.

  3. Such a fun idea! I love that you throw little people... I think I need a monster to gobble up toys that aren't put away!

    Thanks for showing off!


  4. What a cute idea (and so smart to attach your monster face to the front of a basket!)

    I've featured it today in my latest Five Fun Ideas post.


    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  5. What a fun way to make a tossing game, I never thought of tipping a basket and putting a cover on it, how cute! This would be a fun party activity!

  6. This really looks like fun!

    I would love for you to link this post to my Halloween Traditions link up!


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