February 6, 2011

Superhero Birthday Party

My 4 year old wanted a superhero birthday party. He doesn't really know much about specific super heroes, so we just did a generic superhero party. I decided I didn't want a bunch of 4 year olds running around the house, so we kept it small, just his siblings, cousin, and 1 good friend. It was really manageable and nice and fun and low stress. I should have done it that way for my others when they turned 4.

When the guests arrived, I had them color superhero wrist bands, which I had made out of mismatched baby socks. I just cut off the top bands and let them color them with markers. They were nice and stretchy and worked great, except that they did fray a bit since I didn't hem them, but I wasn't looking to do something that would last forever. I was looking for simple.

Next we gathered in the training room, and practiced "flying" around the house, follow the leader style. I put on some superhero music and the kids took turns being the leader.

Then we sharpened our "leaping over buildings in a single bound" skills. I set up little geotrax buildings we had and the kids took turns leaping over them, or in some cases, just going around them. But nobody tripped and that's all that matters.

After the leaping, we rehearsed our superhero kicks and yells. I tied a couple balloons to strings, hung them up, and instructed the kids to yell "pow!" "zap!" and other such expressions as they whacked at them one at a time. Each child wanted several turns at this game.

Next we played "Good guy, good guy, bad guy" just for fun. We took off our capes for this game to minimize chances of getting hurt.

Finally, we put all that hard training to good use when the evil "super bad man" came and attacked the group with lots of balloons. The only way to beat him was to hit and kick all the balloons back over to his side of the room. There was much cheering when he fell defeated to the ground.

We celebrated our superhero victory with cake and ice cream. I tried to make this cake look like a city with "Super Christopher" standing above as if he were defending it. I used a small round on top of a larger round cake. Vanilla and chocolate sugar wafers were cut to different lengths to look like buildings, and some of the wafers were pulled apart so the buildings were different depths also. I took one of my son's imaginext guys to be super christopher. I taped on a picture of his face and a circle with a "c" in it and a red cape.

All in all, a successful mission for my Super Christopher.


  1. That cake is brilliant! Love it. I might need to adapt that for Henry's 5th b'day this summer.

  2. WOW! You are the birthday party queen.

  3. thank you. i can't cook and your cake is fantastic!!!

  4. This cake is so awesome! The wafer cookies is such a smart idea! Thanks for letting me know about your cakes! I chose my favorite 3 and am putting them in my cake feature post tomorrow. Also your newest follower!

  5. Great party. Love your cake. Came over here from your feature on We Like to Learn as We Go.


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