March 21, 2014

Lego Birthday Party for my 7 Year Old

Christopher turned 7 in February and we threw a Lego themed birthday party for him. He has developed a passionate love of Legos this past year and has become quite good at putting them together by himself. In fact, he handed me all of his other toys and told me he didn't want them anymore. (Nathan was pretty thrilled with that development as beneficiary of discarded toys). Christopher helped plan the games and had a fun time playing with friends at his party.

Oh, I just love this big boy and his sweet smile!!

We started with coloring sheets while we waited for kids to come. I just googled "Lego man picture" to find this coloring page.

Next we played "pin the mouth on the Lego man". Christopher brought me a Lego man and asked that the drawing look like him. I did my best. 

The next game I invented while thinking about kids actually do with Legos. A lot of playtime is spent looking for specific pieces, right? So I decided to turn Lego-finding into a game. I found duplicate pieces and set them aside. I used some easy things (like trees, ladders, car wheels, a horse) and a few harder things (helmet, chair, specific size and color legos). I took pictures of the items. I filled 2 buckets with Legos and added one set of pieces to each bucket and mixed them up. When we played the game I split the group into two teams and let them dump their Legos on the floor. I showed a picture of the piece they needed to find on my iPad. The first person to find it picked it up and held it up high. Their team got a point. I think I had 15 items for them to find. The kids really enjoyed this game. 

The last game we played was "Toss the Legos". I got a few containers and put post-it notes on the front to show points scored. The kids took turn tossing 10 bricks into the buckets and adding up their points. I put a very small container at the back marked as 1,000 points. No one actually scored 1,000, but the kids thought it was fun to try, and we had a couple of close ones. 

you can't even see the tiny little 1,000 point container in the back

I did not make a cake for Christopher. (gasp!) With 3 birthday parties in less than 24 hours, I just couldn't do cakes. I made cupcakes and put little chocolate Lego men on top, made from a mold. The kids were plenty happy with cupcakes and ice cream. 

After cake and presents, the kids just played with Legos until their parents came to pick them up. The kids went home with a little bag of candy bricks and a little Lego toy. I think everyone had fun. 

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