August 22, 2012

Where's the summer gone?

This summer has flown by and my blogging has gone the way of the ducks.  (I don't really think that means anything, but I just wrote it down.)

Other than taking care of the 4 kiddos, we've been busy packing up a house and moving into a new one.  So, that's my excuse.  I haven't really been a fun mom.  I've mostly sat the kids down in front of the tv so I could pack and then unpack.

Here's a short summary of our summer in pictures

swimming with cousins and friends

some kids needed summer haircuts
(I do miss his long hair though, so we're growing it out again)

attended some magic shows


(thinking of the best way to get the piano up the porch stairs)

dressed up with friends and cousins
(and yes, Christopher is the little mermaid) 

went to watch Maren sing the national anthem with her choir group
at a minor league ball game

Maren singing (she has the white headband on)

sometimes the summer wore us out

We did do some fun activities, which I will post eventually.  We already started school for the year, and Maren is now attending a public school, which has been both bad and good, but more on that later.

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