August 23, 2012

Kids' Book Club - "Joyful Noise" by Paul Fleischman

This summer we decided we wanted to do a summer book club for the kids with our friends again.  The only problem was that we were really busy, and moving, and people were on vacation, so we didn't quite do as much as we had originally hoped.

We started by getting everyone together and discussing dates for book clubs and which books we were going to do.  The kids' input was considered, but they mostly just played while the moms talked.

We decided to try and get together every 2 weeks to discuss the book and do related activities. Each family was in charge of hosting one book club at their house and planning the activities for that book.

The books we did this summer were a book from "The Riot Brothers" series, "Joyful Noise", one of the "Geronimo Stilton" books, and "The Borrowers".

We were in charge of hosting the "Joyful Noise" book club.  I admit my kids did not choose this book, and they were not that excited about it, but I was excited.  It's a great book of poetry, written for 2 people to speak different parts out loud at the same time.  It was difficult at first for the kids to read in rhythm with another person, but they ended up enjoying the challenge.

We started the book club with a poetry reading of course.  We took turns saying the poems with a partner and then we talked about which poems were our favorites and why, etc. . .

Since the poems are all about bugs, I had planned some simple bug related activities.

The first was an art project.  We talked about symmetry and then with a black oil pastel we drew one half of a bug.  We then folded the paper and pressed down to make a complete bug.  The kids had fun filling the outlines in with bright colors.

After the art project, I think I had planned to do some kind of bug movement games, but I don't think those ended up happening.  Instead we skipped right to the treat.

The kids decorated cupcakes with candy and pretzels and sprinkles to make bugs on top.  They each made a couple so they would have one to eat right away and another to take home for another time.  The kids had a lot of fun with this activity.

It was a good book club.

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  1. A children's book club is such a great idea. I tend to forget to include poetry in our reading routine at home. Thanks for sharing. I hopped over from TGIF.

  2. This is such a great idea - my kids love books - we might have to give this a go. Off to have a good look around your site; would love you to come visit me too!
    Best wishes, Linda. x

  3. It WAS a good book club meeting. My kids may have whined when I told them we were reading poetry together (which is odd, because they like poetry), but they loved the book, and reading the poems aloud was one of the most fun parts of the day.

    It was a great time!


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