May 31, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2012

(Find other ideas for teachers HERE and HERE)

We had some great teachers to thank at the end of this school year and did several things to say thanks. This is the biggest one we gave to Christopher's preschool teachers:

The tag says "For a STAR teacher. Thanks for sharing your light".  I found the little buckets in the dollar section of Target and thought it would work well.  I filled it with a small candle, starburst, and star shaped chocolates.

He's been going to preschool at a Baptist church that is close to us, and since it's a religious school we also put in some religious things.  When looking for the star chocolates, we saw these shoe shaped ones, and Christopher said "Hey mom! We should get these for my teachers because they help me walk in Jesus' path!" I couldn't say no to that, so those were also in the bucket.

Then I also included a gift card to Great Harvest Bread Co. with a scripture attached about Jesus being the bread of life.

The kids participated in many activities this year, so we also did some smaller gifts for those teachers.  Some received a bag of starburst with the tag : "Thanks for sharing your light! You are a star teacher!" (I don't know why I used different wording on the different gifts)

And some got a small candle with the same tag attached.

We gave some teachers small gifts and some larger ones.  I know it doesn't seem fair, but some teachers did more for our kids.  Hopefully they don't know each other and compare.

Now, I'm going to try something new, and if it doesn't work, oh well.  I'm going to try to attach the tags so if anyone wants to use them instead of making some themselves, they can.  They aren't fancy.  I don't have any fancy software to do fancy things, plus I'm not much of a designer, but I thought I'd attach them anyway.  Let's see . . . hmmmmm, try clicking here and see if that works. 

Phew.  That was a lot of work.  I need some blogging classes.  

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