May 31, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Even though we homeschool, the end of the school year brings about all sorts of busy-ness, as the kids perform in programs and say goodbye to their teachers from outside activities.  We might have been doing a little it too much, but the kids enjoyed it all.  Maren was doing sewing, gymnastics, drama, violin, piano, choir, and soccer.  Next year she is starting at a fine arts magnet school and we've been discussing which things she is going to drop.  Joshua was involved in gymnastics, drama, piano, choir, and soccer.  Christopher was just doing preschool and soccer.  Nathan was doing a lot of sitting in the car.  Poor neglected 4th child.

And we are trying to sell our house.  Things have been a bit stressful of late.

Here are some pictures.  Just skip them if it bores you, but I tell you, these kids are pretty cute.

Maren and Joshua were in a production of Suessical Jr.
Joshua was Max the Dog, and Maren was a Who.  I love their
facial expressions in this one.  You can tell Maren's just feeling it.   

piano recital

Maren got her braces off this spring too.  Very exciting.
And no, she is not an orphan, her mother just lets her go out looking like one.

The 3 older kids loved playing soccer.

The youngest one was not as much of a fan.

This cute kid finished up preschool and gets to start Kindergarten with mommy in the fall!

Now aren't you glad you looked through all of those?


  1. I didn't know your kids were in the play!! That makes me even sadder that we missed it! Glad you made it through all that stress! Hope the summer brings you a little more relaxing time!

  2. The play was a great experience for the kids, but very time consuming. We are moving this summer so I don't know how relaxing it can be, but we should definitely get together sometime.

  3. True...but atleast you're not doing school as well as moving!! :) I'm excited you're moving into our ward! If it would help you out any, we'd love to have the kids over sometime!

  4. WOW! I didn't know Maren got her braces off! She looks great (except for her hair... ;)
    Christopher totally looks like John when he was little in that last photo.
    Three in soccer is pretty brutal. I asked Eliza if she wanted to play soccer and she said no, so I said- OK. I'm not going to push that!


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