November 17, 2011

Unique Christmas Cards - The Candidates

Christmas 2007

Last pre-election year, when there was all the buzz about who was running for president (2007? I think) I sent out a Christmas letter outlining some lesser known candidates - us.  Here is my letter, minus a bunch of the details, because I don't want you to get too bored reading it:

As we enter an election year, we’d like to introduce you to a few candidates the media has somehow overlooked.
Jason – Labor Party
         Jason labors to support his family all day. He is a wonderful father who loves to pillow fight and tickle his children.  If elected, he will push for Health Care reforms, more funding for UK basketball, better pitching for the Cincinnati Reds, and more time at home with his beautiful and talented wife.  Although he is currently a member of the Labor party, in 2 1/2 more years he is hoping to join the Green party.
Erin – Monarchy
         Erin was briefly a member of the Labor party in February (yay baby Christopher!), but has decided that to best control things, democracy should be overthrown and a monarchy established, with her as Queen.   If elected, she will be a just and magnanimous ruler, who will see to it that all her subjects are well educated, have lots of books to read, and are musically trained.  
Maren- Independent
         Maren is a very independent 5 year old. She learned to read this year and has started doing her chores without help.  If elected, Maren will enjoy all the attention and demand that everyone in her presence look at her at all times.  She will also change the flag to include pictures of the Disney princesses.
Joshua – Opposition Party
         Although Joshua officially completed the Terrible Twos on December 6th of this year, he still hasn’t fully embraced his three-ness.  He is a very sweet boy who can be very darling and affectionate, but if he is opposed to something, he will let you know, especially at “nap” time.  We probably should call it “kick the door, climb and jump off furniture, sing songs really loud, and throw things at the wall” time.  He is very good at throwing things, singing, eating lengthy meals, writing the letter “H”, and pushing his sister’s buttons.  If elected, Joshua will push for more game playing and for changing all meal times to snack times. 
Christopher – Undecided
         Christopher is now 10 months old, and doesn’t say much, so we don’t really know what kind of a candidate he will be.  He is very happy and easygoing and gets really excited when people talk to him, although the exuberance of his older siblings sometimes frightens him.  Judging by his behavior, we can say that if elected he will push for more books, fewer naps and more milk.  
Even if you choose to vote for one of the more well known candidates in the upcoming elections, know that we still love you and wish you the best for the upcoming year!


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