November 18, 2011

Creative Christmas Cards - Cancelled

In 2008, I was feeling too busy to think of anything clever to do for a Christmas letter, so I decided to cancel it.  We sent out this letter letting everyone know they weren't going to get one this year.

Notice of Cancellation
To: family and friends                 
Re:  Family Christmas Letter
Dear loved ones,
      Due to the busy holiday season and other events, and after much thought and tribulation, our family has decided to cancel our Christmas letter this year.  

       Jason has little enough time to read all the content on espn. com, let alone write a christmas letter.  And then there is work to go to, and UK games to watch, and woodworking projects to dream about, so he definitely does not have time.

  Maren, our precocious 6 year old, is busy with homeschool Kindergarten and all the work that comes with it.  She loves to read her books and can’t spare the time to sit down and write about the ballet, violin, and piano lessons she’s been taking this year, or about the 4 teeth that she has lost.  She would much rather play with her dolls, read her books, wrestle with her brothers, and do lots of crafts than write about any of that stuff.  

Joshua, who just turned 4, can’t hold still long enough to write about the gymnastics class he started this year.  He is too busy cartwheeling and doing headstands on the couch to tell you all about how he was on his first soccer team this fall, and now shares his father’s passion for sports, especially the Kentucky Wildcats.  No, he can’t write a Christmas letter this year.  He’s too busy playing the Wii,  scoring touchdowns in the backyard or playing “hockeybud” up in his room (one of the many sports he has invented).  

Christopher, who will be 2 in February, would probably love to write the Christmas letter, because it would mean he could pound on the keyboard, and he loves playing with anything that is not actually supposed to be a toy.  However, nobody would understand that the random numbers and letters were trying to tell you about how adorable he is, and how he has a wonderful smile that often gets him out of trouble, which he gets into pretty easily these days. 

And as for me (Erin), I am swamped with projects and activities that make it impossible for me to sit down and think of some clever way to tell you about our family’s activities this year.  I’ve got a house to clean, laundry, meals to prepare, children to take care of, Chamber Chorale to attend, homeschooling lessons to plan, and chauffering to do.  But I didn’t want all of you to be expecting a card, and so I knew I had to at least write and explain that even though we would love to tell you about our lives, and how grateful we are for all God has blessed us with,  and wish you all a Merry Christmas, we just didn’t have time this year.  Perhaps next year . . .



  1. LOVE! I may have to do something like this this year!!

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  3. What a clever idea for a different kind of Christmas letter! I don't like writing the same kind of letter each year (I'm not good at it, and I think it's boring) and so I try to come up with creative ideas. I was at a loss this year until I discovered your blog, and I loved this idea so much that I completely stole it for my family. Thanks!

  4. I, too, loved your cancellation! And yes, I stole it, as well. Hopefully we all don't have the same Christmas letter circle of friends. : )
    Merry Christmas!
    Iowa Educator


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