November 1, 2011

Halloween Math

Candy is a great motivator.  I love doing math activities with my kids the day after Halloween.  There is SO much candy.  Here are some that we did this morning:

We always practice our sorting skills

We made a Venn Diagram of favorite candies.  One side is Joshua's, the other is Maren's, and the middle is both of theirs.  It's sort of hard to do when one child thinks all the kinds of candy are his favorite.  We finally just asked him if there was any candy he sort of didn't like, and he decided Butterfingers were his least favorite, so Maren got to have at least one just in her circle.  

We weighed the candy.  The kids love playing with our scale. 

We practiced multiplication!  With some halloween candy, you know exactly how many are inside.  I asked Joshua "If there are 2 kit kat bars in each pack, and you have 6 packs, how many bars do you have?"  It didn't take him long to figure it out.  Maren also practiced with whoppers (3 per pack), and Hershey's mini bars (4 little rectangles per bar).  

She was excited to multiply and discover she had 36 whopper balls

Using Facebook (thanks friends!) I polled people to find out which was more popular: chocolate or fruity candies.  The kids made tally marks to show preference and graphed the results.  What a fun Math morning!

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