September 21, 2011

Snack Shop Math

Joshua just finished a chapter about money in his math workbook, and so we set up a snack shop in our kitchen as an end of unit project.

We started by going through our pantry and deciding what he wanted to sell.  We then typed up a menu with prices for each item.

He made a sign to hang by his shop.

He counted out $2.50 in play money for his brother and sister, and for himself.  Then they marked on their menu what they wanted.  Joshua was supposed to add up the total This was good money practice for him and Maren, as they had to figure out what combinations they could buy with the money they had.  I helped the 4 year old.

Nathan got his snacks for free.  It pays to be cute.


  1. What creative activities! Yes, it does pay to be cute. :-) I am a new follower from For the Kids Fridays. Vicky @

  2. What a fun way to do Math! Love the last picture and caption.


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