September 14, 2011

My Creative Daughter

My daughter loves to make dresses for her little dolls.  She's been doing it for a couple of years.  And although I have given her scraps of fabric to work with, her preferred medium is toilet paper.  She's such a goofball.  

The last couple of months she has really stepped up the quality of her outfits, and not only has she added colorful designs to the toilet paper, but has given up the usual tape to hold them together in favor of needle and thread.  

I thought I would share some of her creations, because I find them delightful.  

the green polka dot shirt is my favorite

this is a doll apron, with a sewn on pocket

toilet paper pillow with toilet paper blanket

Here she has colored and cut out the imprinted rose from the toilet paper to decorate
a birthday card for her cousin.  Seriously, why haven't other crafters
picked up on this yet?  So many possibilities.  

I'll let you all know when her Etsy shop opens. 

She was very excited when I told her she was going to start sewing lessons today with some friends. I sure love that girl.  


  1. Okay, so these aren't just dolls -- these are super tiny Playmobil figures. Impressive!

  2. That is sooooo cute! Just wait, she is going to make it so big as a designer. Can't wait to see her creations on the runway! :)


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