August 8, 2011

back to school 2011

We are getting ready to start school again!  The public schools start this thursday, Aug. 11th, and I'll think we'll just call that our official start time as well.  I've been sorting through materials and visiting the parent teacher store and planning planning planning.  And yet I feel like I still have so much to do.

I will probably separate their desks when it's time to work.
Otherwise they just talk and poke each other. 
I've been trying to get our school space organized.  As you can see, I still have a lot of work to do.  We have lots of books, maps on the wall, a computer for typing, email and games, and various other things that haven't been put away yet.  My favorite part of our school room is all of our BOOKS!!! I love books.

I found this great bookshelf at a yard sale for $10.  One of my favorite purchases ever.
It's our nonfiction shelf.

early readers

more nonfiction and reference
In the adjoining room I have a bookshelf with all of my books.  I have the kids books separated by child and by if I need them every day or just once in a while.  That way things are easy to grab when planning.   I still have a lot to sort through. Notice the nice pile on the floor?  I'm really good at making piles.  If you ever need help with making piles, I'd be happy to share my expertise.

The kids have repeatedly asked if I'm going to wrap all their books again this year, so I'm thinking that is one tradition we will keep.  It helps make the first day of school a bit more exciting for the kids.  I'll have them hang their stockings backpacks on the back of their school chair the night before, and when they wake up they will be full of new books and school supplies.  I've also bought each one a little toy.  I know.  Not necessary.  But Maren was admiring this little charm bracelet and it was only $5, so I bought it for her when she wasn't looking, because she's my only girl and it's fun to buy her a little girly thing once in a while. And then I had to buy something for the boys so they wouldn't feel bad,  and they had these angry bird stuffed animals at walmart which I knew they would love (and I'm already thinking of some fun school related things we can use them for). So then I had to buy Nathan the roaring dinosaur flashlight so he'd have something to open too.  I had to.  (My husband didn't believe me either.)

opening first day of school books last year.  We've rearranged the room a bit since then.

We also will take our traditional first day photos outside the front door, and fill out "about me" sheets.  After, we'll read the ones from the past several years and see how their tastes and interests have changed.  I also have the kids write down a special dinner to celebrate the start of their school year.  Maren will get her dinner on Thursday, Joshua on Friday, and Christopher on Saturday.  They love choosing the menu. I just print out a sheet that has listed
Main dish:
Other side:
and they fill it in.  We end up with some very interesting combinations.

I'm still thinking of other fun back to school things to do.  We'll probably do some kind of back to school treat, maybe the rice krispies treat buses like last year, maybe something else.   I'll let you know what I come up with.


  1. I love that bookshelf! What an awesome find. Can I steal the Rice Krispie treat bus idea? ;) Have a great year.

  2. Love that open front book shelf, too! I'm visiting from the(not)Back to School blog hop. Have a great school year.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bookshelf! That is awesome. I'm a little jealous. ;) Thanks so much for sharing your homeschool with us!

  4. Wow! I like how you've organized all the books. And that open bookshelf- I have always wanted one of those! So great for picture books or for little ones who can't read the spines. (: I also might "steal" some of your first day activities. The wrapping and dinner ideas are great! I make a pencil shaped cake (actually out of brownies) every year for the first day. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine. I love having those special traditions!

  5. I like the wrapping the books idea;) And the choosing of special meals!! Inspiration to make the 1st day of school special... thanks!!

    And I'm a piler too;) great book shelves;)

  6. Can we come visit your school? We'll be really, really quiet.

  7. Oh what a GREAT book shelf!!!! Awesome find! I'm on the lookout for one of those myself. Thanks for sharing!

  8. mom (aka Liz) you can come visit our school anytime! You can be a guest speaker! Come! Come!

  9. I love your book display bookcase--what a great find! And that's such a neat idea to wrap up their new books and supplies.


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