August 7, 2011

Baby Prep

Remember me, the sister-in-law that never posts anything? Well, here I am, determined to start contributing to this amazing blog even if I don't have the killer ideas they put on here. I am pregnant with my second girl right now so all of our time, energy, and money are being put toward the preparation. I was an interior design major in school so I don't know how to do anything around my house without a clear design plan, even with just decorating. I made up an inspiration board and a big, long list of projects to do. With this being the second girl we should be able to save a lot of money but it also means we are already sick of the color pink. In attempt to do something for the nursery not-so-girlie but still save money, we have a lot of DIY projects on our to do list. I thought it might be a fun idea to post my plan and then projects as I go on here. I rarely share projects that I do (I get embarrassed) but maybe this will keep me motivated to keep working on all of them during these last hot few months of my pregnancy!

Here is the inspiration board. Some of it might have to wait until after the baby gets here because I don't want to overload my poor husband who has to do all of the painting and "hard" stuff.

Very non-girlie in color but still cute and fun. (Even after I posted that board I have already seen things I want to add to it. Like more peacock stuff and a mobile over the crib.)

The plan is to paint the walls, sew a crib skirt, make roman shades, paint the changing table, sew a cover for the rocking chair, paint a table lamp, make a toy box, make nesting tables, sew pillows, blankets, and a cover for the bassinet. Wow. Lots. I promise my husband loves to paint, repurpose, and do wood-working. We definitely don't plan on getting this all done before the baby comes in October but we will do what we can.

First project coming soon, the bassinet cover!

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  1. Cute Hayley! I love blue and yellow. Maren's room was blue when she was a baby. Your projects are always so adorable and I love when you post things because design is definitely not one of my strengths. Can't wait to read all about the fun things you're making!


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