November 9, 2015

Creative Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Here are some unique ideas for items to put in the kids' stockings this Christmas!

such fun and creative ideas for kids' stockings! Not your usual list.

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Avoid the trap of stuffing a stocking with more "stuff" (ie. junky little toys that will quickly be thrown in a landfill). Here are some ideas for toys, treats, and practical items that kids will love. I have commented on some of them to make my case for including them, but mostly it's just a list. I like to find things that kids will use and that take up plenty of space in the stocking so you don't have to buy so much stuffing stuff. (gift cards are nice, but they don't take up much space!)

Painter's Tape - my kids love using my blue tape to mark out all sorts of things while they're playing with Lego blocks and Playmobil. They mark out kingdom boundaries, lakes and rivers, and roads for their vehicles (you could even throw in some little cars with the tape!)

headlamp or flashlights - kids love flashlights, and headlamps are even better because they leave your hands free! Also works well as a reading lamp for book lovers.

tennis balls - Tennis balls are perfect for kids to throw around, hit with a bat, or bounce against the garage. They're bouncy but won't do to much damage. Also, they take up lots of space in a stocking.

Tape Measure - my kids love measuring things, and this sewing tape measure doesn't have the sharp edges of a normal metal one so I feel okay with them using it whenever they like.

Rubber Bands - I'm not sure what my kids do with them, but they are always wanting to play with them.

Post-it notes

back scratcher- have a child who loves to have their back scratched? Let them scratch it themselves, or just make it easier for someone else to scratch with a massage tool.

Stopwatch or wristwatch with stopwatch - a new watch is a great thing for a stocking, especially if it is a stop watch so kids can time themselves or their friends doing things.


tools - hammer, screwdriver, etc . . . You be the judge of whether or not your kids are ready, but we've let our kids use a hammer to nail bits of scrap wood together and make their own creations starting when they're about 6 or 7. They love it! And it's fun to see the crazy stuff they come up with, like the hammer holder they gave Jason.

Kids Gardening Gloves - great for working out in the dirt!

super hero cape - make one yourself or buy one - either way they'll love it!

kid's swim goggles - either for swimming in the summer or just for dress up play.

yarn - a small ball of yarn or string is great for crafts or pretend play.

slipper socks - who says you can't stuff a stocking with stockings?



pocket knife - again, you judge when they're ready and direct them how to use it safely.

compact umbrella

Sunprint Kit - such a fun way to make art!

Model Magic or play dough - these take up quite a bit of space and are great for creative play

band aids - kids love having their own bandaids to be in charge of, especially if they have their favorite character on them.

jump rope

Lego minifigures- my kids have lots of Lego bricks and are always excited to see what mini figure they get when they open the package

Small Playmobil set- Lego and Playmobil are two of our favorite toy brands around here, and it's great to just add a little figure or set to their collections because I know they will be loved and played with.

bicycle bell (also could give them a basket, but that won't fit in a stocking)


whistle - just make sure they know when and where they're allowed to blow it or you might regret such a purchase

juggling scarves or balls

Cookie Cutters - for the budding baker, you can also include an apron and all sorts of fun supplies!

dried fruit - my kids love dried mango and we usually include a package or two in their stockings every year.

mini boxes of cereal - bonus, christmas morning breakfast is taken care of!


Chocolate Gold Coins

combs, brushes, and other toiletries

Belts, ties, scarves

gloves, hats, and mittens


Magic Wand  - I don't know any child who doesn't like pretending they have a magic wand, and these light up ones are really fun

Card Games - some of our favorites are Sleeping Queens, Rat-A-Tat-Cat, and Set. Also, my boys love getting new Pokemon Cards!

Orange - It's always been a tradition for us to have an orange in the toe of the stocking, but you could always do a nice Chocolate Orange instead. 

What are your favorite things to stuff in a stocking?

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such fun and creative ideas for kids' stockings! Not your usual list.


  1. Really enjoying this post! So many good ideas - you always feel like you have to buy things, but really they love the small fiddly things that can be used for imaginative play. My eldest is soooo getting a ball of elastic bands!!


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