November 30, 2015

Creative Christmas Cards - Quiz

Every year we like to send out a letter with our christmas picture letting our friends and family know how life is going for us. And every year we try to come up with a creative way to do so.

Great ideas for creative and unique christmas cards!

So you know how there are all those quizzes running around the internet, such as "which Disney princess are you?" etc . . . We decided to do one for our family. It went something like this:

Which (enter last name) Family Member are you? Take the quiz to find out!

What would you do on a snow day?
a) what's a snow day?
b) sleep in
c) organize your brothers into a performing group
d) play the lead role in "Harry Potter- the opera"
e) bundle up and go sledding
f) dress up as a chicken

During lunchtime you are most likely to be:
a) what's lunchtime?
b) eating food off your children's plates
c) trying to navigate the politics of the middle school lunchroom
d) sitting with the 5th grade girls
e) walking around and eating with your mouth open
f) dressed as a ninja

What do you like to do during your free time?
a) what's free time?
b) blog, read, and pretend the house is already clean
c) read and play on your iPod
d) build things
e) play games you invented in the basement
f) pretend to be a power ranger

You laugh hardest when:
a) people ask what you like to do in your free time
b) your kids say funny things like "what's for dinner?"
c) your mother dances in public
d) your unsuspecting brothers fall for your evil plans
e) you tell your own punny jokes
f) people "pass gas"

We had about 8 questions on the front, and then on the back we told them who they were most like. It read something like this:

If you answered mostly "C":
Congratulations! You are Maren - "the leader". You jut turned 12 years old and entered 6th grade. You have a strong desire to do what is right and act above your years. Some may call you bossy, while others would say you have emerging leadership skills. You are an excellent musician, excelling in your violin playing. You are also a very creative writer. Your room is always a mess but you are too busy with schoolwork and reading to clean it up.

If you answered mostly "F":
Congratulations! You are Nathan - "The Hilarious". You turned 5 in September and started preschool in the fall. You love dressing up and create your own imaginative costumes. Everything you hold magically becomes a sword. You love drumming and pretending to play the electric guitar. You are incredibly cute but since you growl at people who tell you so (which is also kind of cute) they just call you "fierce". You make your family laugh a lot.

After all the explanations, we ended with:

No matter which one of us you are most like, all of us love all of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It was a good card.

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