September 24, 2015

Juggling and Circus Dramatic Play

Kids love to pretend and put on a show, so they will love pretending to be jugglers at a circus!

Juggling is a tricky skill, but even young kids can learn some basics. For the most amount of fun, use small bean bags for juggling, or use scarves. Kids can practice tossing one beanbag from one hand to the other to start. Then add another if they would like a challenge. Older kids can try three. 

As long as you have the bean bags out, the kids can practice other bean bag tricks. Challenge the kids to walk around with a bean bag on their head, elbow, or back. 

Now that the kids have practiced some tricks, let them put on a show! To get your kids thinking and imagining, set out some fun circus items - a top hat for the ringmaster, materials to make animal masks and clown faces, a hula hoop and balls for animal tricks. You can also set up a circus tent. I've found that the best way to make tents is with sheer curtains. The light-weight fabric won't pull down whatever is being used to keep it up and lets light into the tent. I tie string to cabinet knobs or chairs and then use clothespins to attach the curtain panels. 

My boys decided on different acts for their show, and then they made tickets. Kids just love tickets, don't they?  I bought some tickets and went to their show. 

First up were the jugglers of course. 

Then there was a lion tamer. He had the lion jump through a fiery hoop and walk through the "tunnel of death" which was made from pillows propped up against our couch. Luckily the lion didn't eat anyone.

Next came the clown, who told some funny jokes to make us laugh. He also pretended to slip on a banana peel several times. 

And of course there was the tight rope walker. Our tight rope was just a string on the ground. Luckily my kids are good at imagining, but I wish we had one of these slacklines because how fun would that be?

And the boys decided we definitely needed some carnival games at our circus. They came up with the games on their own and even some little prizes (aka toys they didn't want anymore). 

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Be sure to check out all the great dramatic play ideas over at Happy Brown House.

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