June 25, 2015

Using Bread Tags as Math Manipulatives

Math can be made fun by using everyday objects as manipulatives.

Make math fun by using bread tags as a cheap math manipulative!

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Hey all! So do you ever just collect things for no reason and then think "what should I do with these?" Um, me neither? Oh fine. I do. And one thing I kept for no reason were these little plastic tags from packages of bread and rolls and things. I found that they make great, cheap math manipulatives.

So what can you do with them?

Sort! Give a pile to your preschooler and let them sort. Sort by color! Sort by size! Sort by shape! Sort by date on the tag! You get the idea.

Plus if you let them sort into a muffin tin, these make a very satisfying "plink!" noise.

Make math fun by using bread tags as a cheap math manipulative!

And they can be used for fine motor work. Here I strung up a shoelace between two chairs and Nathan clipped them on. He decided to make a pattern too.

Make math fun by using bread tags as a cheap math manipulative!

These are also great for counting, adding, subtracting, making patterns etc . . .

So start collecting some plastic tags for a cheap math manipulative at home or in your classroom.

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Some of our other favorite math manipulatives which we use on a regular basis (that are not free, haha):


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  1. Such a creative idea! Never thought to use bread tags! I am jealous you have so many! Time to save mine : )

    1. Thanks Kristina! My husband thought it was weird that I was keeping a collection in the back of our bread drawer, but they seemed like they should be fun for something so I kept them. :) Thanks for the comment.


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