January 20, 2015

Valentine's Day Kindness Countdown

This Kindness Countdown is a fun way to bring a little more love into your home this Valentine's Day!

love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

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Even though Valentine's Day is more about romantic love, in our home we like to focus on family love during the month of February. Each year I try to find some way to motivate the kids to show extra love to their siblings, and this year I thought we'd do a Kindness Countdown.

I had so many different ideas for how to do the countdown and I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I made four. You can choose your favorite. :)

love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

I like the envelopes and the little packages because it's a surprise what the assignment will be for the day. I tell the kids that these are like Secret Missions. Kids love secret missions. Each morning they are to choose one package, open it, and complete what is written on the heart. Once completed, they can eat the Hershey Kiss inside the package. They can then take the heart and tape it up by our "Love at Home" sign. This will be a way to show how many good things they've been doing for each other. I also have extra hearts they can tape up if they want to do extra good deeds each day.

For the secret missions, I tried to think of things I'd like to see my kids do for each other. Also, if someone is having a hard time with a sibling, I will write on the heart for them to do something specifically for that sibling, such as "Make Joshua's Bed". Just substitute a name each time I wrote "someone".  It's easier to love each other when we serve each other.

Here are some secret kindness mission ideas:

1. make a bed
2. clear someone's dishes for them
3. put away some toys
4. give someone a hug
5. let someone else have the first turn
6. hold the door open for someone
7. write a nice note for someone
8. read a book to someone
9. play a game with someone (and let them win)
10. leave one of these kisses on someone's pillow (I put 2 kisses in this package)
11. help someone get breakfast
12. draw a picture for someone
13. help someone clean their room
14. tell someone what you like about them
15. call your grandparents to tell them you love them
16. write a thank you note to daddy
17. write a thank you note to mommy
18. put away someone's laundry
19. hide notes of love in someone's room
20. clear the dishwasher unasked

(Here is the PDF of the hearts I used with my kids with some blank ones to add your own)

All of these are ones they can do in the home, but you could expand it to include kindness outside the home as well. What ideas would you add?

love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

I think the envelopes are my favorite method of delivery. All I used was felt, a glue gun and a button.  And they are reusable, so that's good. I cut a piece of felt into a long rectangle, glued it to make a pocket, rounded the top, cut a slit where I wanted a button, and used a little dab of hot glue to adhere the button. No sewing involved.

love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

For the paper packages, I used double sided tape to make a loop of cute paper, flattened one end and sealed with double sided tape, filled it with the kiss and heart and sealed the other side with double sided tape. They'll have to tear it to open it, so . . . not reusable.

so cute! love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

For the roses, I took two kisses, wrapped them in red cellophane, stuck in a small skewer and wrapped it with floral tape. Then I tied on some curly ribbon and slid the heart up onto the ribbon. The kids who don't get this one will protest since each of these has two kisses and the other packages only have one. I'll just have to eat the second kiss each day to make things fair.

so cute! love these ideas to help kids spread kindness in February!

I had an old broken picture frame I used for the last countdown calendar. I tied/hot glued 3 pieces of twine across the frame and used little clothespins to attach the hearts and kisses. It's cute, but the kids might think it disappointing that the secret missions aren't very secret. I guess I could've folded the hearts so they couldn't see what was inside. Next time . . .

Which is your favorite?

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  1. This is absolutely adorable!! I need to try some of these with my kids. Can't wait to share this over on Toddler Approved tomorrow!

  2. What a great way to turn Valentine's Day into a more meaningful experience for your kids!

    1. Thanks Shelah! I'm hoping it will work out well. :)

  3. This is such a great idea and the envelopes are so darn cute too.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! The envelopes were so easy to make!

  4. So cute! I bought the small mailboxes from the dollar section at Target yesterday. I could TOTALLy do this!

  5. Valentine's Day is a birthday at our house. I like the focus you've shifted to in showing others kindness. So much nicer than just another "gimme" holiday.

    1. Thanks Shecki! I'm always looking for ways to help my kids think about others. It doesn't always work, but I figure one of these days it will sink in. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. What a great idea. Love it.

  7. Those little felt envelopes are SO cute!! I'm going to make some and put my kids' valentines in them! Hope you're loving your countdown!!


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