June 6, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Fun List

A couple of sundays ago, our family played charades.  Each child acted out something they wanted to do this summer while the rest of us guessed what it was.  We then added it to our list of fun things to do together this summer.  I think my favorite was when Christopher got up and started acting like a chicken.  We all laughed and guessed “Chicken?”  And he said “Yeah, like eating chicken nuggets at McDonald’s!” So I guess that’s his idea of fun. After a while the kids got tired of charades so we just talked about what we wanted to do.  Here is the list the kids came up with. (with a couple of additions from mom and dad)

2013 Summer Fun List

{  }  swimming
{  }  Camping, with s'mores
{  }  amusement park (I'm not sure if this one will happen)
{  }  water fight
{  }  bike ride
{  }  water slides
{  }  play with cousins
{  }  drama camps
{  }  bowling
{  }  eat chicken nuggets at mcDonald’s
{  }  picnic
{  }  baseball game
{  }  make ice cream sandwiches
{  }  watch movies in the theatre
{  }  make ice cream
{  }  watch kid snippets on youtube
{  }  go to cherry berry
{  }  catch fireflies
{  }  slip ‘n slide and sprinklers in the backyard
{  }  grill out hamburgers
{  }  get fresh vegetables from farmer’s market
{  }  make slush
{  }  visit library
{  }  go see fireworks
{  }  build a play place in the backyard

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