January 22, 2013

"Love" blocks

A while back I had pinned this project on pinterest thinking it would be a nice, easy activity to do with Maren someday.  We had a chance to make them on Monday and I think they turned out pretty cute.

We cut a 2x4 to the desired lengths and sanded them smooth.  She wanted hers all the same size.  I wanted mine different sizes.  I had found a cute pad of valentine's papers at Target along with some coordinating embellishments.  We put Mod Podge on the wood and smoothed the paper over it.  When it was dry, we sanded off the edges of the paper that were too long.  Then I got to use my new Silhouette Cameo to make some vinyl letters to go on the blocks.

I offered to make hers some new bigger letters once we saw that they looked a bit small on the blocks, but she said liked them that way.

Maren took her set of blocks up to her room for a valentines decoration and mine went up on the mantle.  I hope she'll keep them even when she's all grown up and remember the time we spent together.


  1. Cute! I have been resisting getting a Silhouette for awhile, but maybe I should reconsider...it would save me a lot of time and money if I just got my own.

    1. I do enjoy it. There probably is a limit to the amount of vinyl lettering I can use in projects and in the house, but it's so much easier doing it myself than trying to order it from someone. :)

    2. Haha- true. Let me know if you get there any time soon. ;)

  2. What a fun mommy daughter project. You are a great mom!

  3. These are real "gift shop quality!" By her smile, I'm sure your daughter realizes that too. I think sometimes kids just know when what they made was a mess, but mom (and in my case, grandma!) fakes swooning all over it as the "most awesome thing we have seen - EVER!" Better, I think, to guide the child toward an age appropriate result, providing the materials that will guarantee success - like you've done here!


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