November 29, 2012

mostly fall pictures

Before we get all the way into winter and holiday stuff, I wanted to put up some of our pictures from the fall.

We had a great thanksgiving up at grandma's (and grandpa's) house with some of the family. Grandma and Grandpa helped the grandkids do some turkey crafts.

Maren turned 10 on tuesday (I'm still in denial).  She had a busy day but we did have time for a special birthday dinner and to open some presents.  Her brothers got her some Matchbox cars so when they were playing she wouldn't have to complain about them not sharing theirs.  We got her a medium sized Lego Friends set.  She loved it and set it up with Joshua's help last night.  She told me later "Mom, this present is great in two ways.  First, it's really fun.  And second, it's brought me and Joshua closer together."  I thought that was cute of her to say.  She loves her brothers.

I was so glad we had a nice fall day last weekend for the kids to play outside and jump in leaves.  One good leaf jumping day each fall is a childhood necessity.  Jason was paying the kids $3 for each bag of leaves they raked up.  Maren and Christopher have earned about $6 each.  Joshua has earned $30.  He's a leaf raking machine.

Nathan didn't really want to jump in them, but he kicked them around a little bit. 

And finally, we put up the tree last saturday. It was really early, and I'm not sure it will last the month until Christmas, but when we looked at our calendars there was not a single other saturday available to go pick one out.  It's going to be a busy holiday month.

Nathan is wearing his policeman coat.  Funny boy. 

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  1. Oh, to jump in a pile of leaves! The kids come across them in China at the park, but we always forbid their jumping. I would feel so bad if the kids messed with the leaves that some old Chinese man had painstakingly swept up for his arduous job.


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