November 1, 2012

Halloween Math 2012

There are many things I love about November 1st.  One of them is that I can start listening to Christmas music without being labeled "crazy christmas lady".  (Well, to be honest, I have been listening to it in the car for about a week now, but at least the lights aren't up yet.)

Another thing I love is that the kids never complain about being hungry or ask when the next meal is.  Hee hee hee.

AND another thing I love is doing our homeschool math lesson with all that fun candy!!!

Today I wrote Joshua a math sheet really fast.  I meant to type it out, but it just didn't happen.

We estimated.

We graphed.

We weighed.

We multiplied.

We ate.  Mmmmm.

The favorite activity is definitely using our scale with our candy.  We find out things like:

How much does one Snickers weigh?  How about 2?

Which is heavier - a Kit Kat or a pack of Starburst?  What's your guess?  Let's find out!

How many grams do you need to add to make them weigh the same?

Joshua came up with questions on his own and used the scale to answer them.  Playing with the scale is always so much fun.

And here are pictures of Joshua's math worksheet, just in case you wanted to see.

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