January 27, 2012

Special Valentine's Day Breakfast

A while back, my friend Alyssa told me of a tradition her mom used to do for them growing up - she would make a really fancy breakfast for the kids to wake up to on Valentine's Day morning.  Since we homeschool and the kids miss out on Valentine's parties at school, I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate.

Last year was our first year, and I didn't tell the kids what I was planning.  After they went to bed, I decorated the table, tied balloons to the chairs, and set out their surprises.  In the morning I put the food on the table before they woke up.

We had lemon poppyseed muffins with heart sprinkles (heart sprinkles make anything valentinesy).  We also had strawberry mini-wheats cereal, grapes, strawberries, danimals drinkable yogurts, and anything else red I could find.  I had made heart cookie pops for a centerpiece.  I didn't make a hot breakfast.  I figured the red stuff was fun enough.

We put their mailboxes on the table with notes from us in them, and put some treats on the table too, like cookies, yogurt covered raisins, conversation hearts, box of animal crackers, and chocolate lollipops.

I used a mold from my mom to make the lollipops.
We used to give these to our teachers at school.

My mom always made us a big sugar cookie heart with our names on them growing up, so I wanted to do the same for our kids.

I can't believe I didn't even make one for Nathan.
Poor neglected 4th child. 

Nathan was my early riser back then, so he got to enjoy his breakfast before the other kids came down.

All the kids were surprised and excited.

It was a lot of fun, and a tradition I think we'll keep.  However, it is a little less fun when it's not a surprise.  The kids keep asking "Are you going to do the breakfast again this year mom?  Are you?"


  1. What a cute idea! Those cookies are gorgeous. I bet they tasted just as wonderful. I hope the kids enjoy it again this year!

  2. It looks like your family really enjoys each other! I love that! I am excited to catch up on your blog and follow along!


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