January 7, 2012

Peter Pan Party

Joshua asked for a Peter Pan party for his 7th birthday party.

We began the party with our traditional hallway wall mural.

The kids sat down and we played "Tinkerbell helps Peter Pan find his shadow".  I  gave the kids a jingle bell on a string they could wear around their necks.  One person went out of the room while one person hid the shadow, which I had cut out of black construction paper.  Then the first person came back in the room and tried to find the shadow, with help from us Tinkerbells, ringing loudly or softly depending on how close he/she was to the shadow.

Next we thought happy thoughts and flew to Neverland.  Each child got either a Peter Pan hat or a Tiger Lily headband.  I had made the hats out of green felt.  I just cut a simple triangle shape, sewed them together, cut a slit in the side and stuck in a large feather.  I didn't bother hemming or anything. The girls bands were brown felt with a feather stuck in a slit in the back.  Very easy-peasy.

Next we joined the Lost Boys gang and decorated our Lost Boy bracelets to prove our membership.  Yeah, I don't think they were in the story, but we put that part in because my son saw the "make your own bracelet kit" at the store and wanted to make them.

Then we went in to the other room and played "Captain Hook Says".  This is pretty much "Simon Says" except whoever was Simon got to use a hook, speak in a pirate voice, yell mean things, and tell the others to do piratey things.

For Joshua's cake, I made a map of Neverland.  Using a map image of Neverland I found googling, I cut and piled up cake to look like the island.  I used airheads, starburst, and tootsie rolls to mold all the other things on there.  I made teepees, a mermaid, the lost boys tree hideout, a pirate ship, skull rock, and Peter Pan.

In addition to their Tinkerbell necklaces and Peter Pan/Tiger Lily hats, the guests took home a bag with a pirate spyglass, a harmonica (I couldn't find any pan pipes, but figured a harmonica would work), a flashlight (for doing shadow play or for tinkerbell), some kisses, and some candy cane hooks.  I tried to find pixie sticks, but couldn't find them at any of the stores I went to.

I had a bunch of other activity ideas that I didn't get to, like the Lost Boys walking around the house playing follow the leader, throwing Hook's hand to a crocodile, making shadows on the wall (such as holding an object in front of a flashlight and having them guess what it was by its shadow), dancing to the beat of an Indian drum, or walking the plank.  Fun Times.


  1. Wow! You are the cake master! Fun party.

  2. What a great party! I am so impressed with all the fun party games you came up with right on theme. Very clever!!

    Your cake is so amazing. I'm not sure I could have done something that original and 3D. I'll bet with all that candy it tasted amazing too.

    Your party favors are great too. They look like cheap ideas that fit so well with the party theme. You did a great job.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Shindig Saturday. I really enjoyed your details. I have pinned this to my Aweseome Party board for future ideas. I'm off to view your other parties now! Yea!

  3. Wow, what a fun party! I'm in the midst of planning a jake and the Neverland Pirates party for my 3 year old. So fun.

  4. Found you on Nap Time Crafters. Such a fantastic post! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays? http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/01/fun-stuff-fridays-6.html

  5. Super great party! Love the activities (especially the "Find the Shadow" game)! Great job!


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