December 24, 2011

Unique Christmas Cards - Dictionary

 New Unabridged* 2011 Dictionary
Fully Revised and Updated
Al-ba-ni-a (al bãə), n. 1. a republic in S. Europe. 2. a country Jason, Erin, Maren, and Joshua visited in April to see Grandma and Grandpa before they completed their 3 year mission there in June.  3. a  place where good toilets are scarce.
Chris-to-pher (kris tə fər), n. a 4 year old boy in preschool who plays soccer, has an endearing smile, loves to cuddle, loves to watch TV shows, and is learning to read. see also: snuggle puppy. 
- v.  to scream with a loud voice in the middle of the night because your foot hurts.  (ie. I hope he doesn’t Christopher tonight so we can get some sleep
 - adj. loveable, cute, and huggable. (ie. That is the most christopher puppy I’ve ever seen!)
Er-in (prin ses), n. 1. an incredibly patient woman. 2. a woman who enjoys homeschooling her children, singing in the Lexington Chamber Chorale, and posting things on her blog (see 3. a thing which that woman must do to help the household run smoothly (think groceries, soccer practices, music lessons, etc. . . ) and which occupies much time (ie. she needs to go run some erins).
huh (hu), interj. 1. used as an exclamation of surprise, bewilderment, or disbelief. 2. What Erin said in November when they asked her to serve at church as the Relief Society President.
Ja-son (gūf bol), n. 1. a hard working husband and father. 2. one who spent most of the year serving the youth at church in the stake young men’s presidency, and is now teaching sunday school 3. a person who is almost done with subspecialty training at age 35 (if you don’t count the Masters of Public Health he is slowly working on as he finishes up his fellowship).
 - v. 1. to cheer enthusiastically for every UK basketball game. 2.  to hate any team named after a cardinal.
Josh-u-a (josh ū ə), n. 1. a 7 year old boy in 1st grade who plays many sports and loves them all.  2.  a self-proclaimed math wiz.  3. a boy who loves gymnastics and is constantly upside down.  
- v. to  play the piano several times a day without prompting because you just love it that much.  
Le-To-Mo (lə ), n. an annual bike ride from Lexington to Morehead which first took place in November of 2011 and was biked by Jason, his father, and his brother.
Mar-en (mer ən), n. - 1. a 9 year old girl in 3rd grade who enjoys reading. 2. a girl who loves acting and music, sings in a children’s choir, and plays the piano and violin. 3. a girl who got braces on her top teeth this year 4. one who thinks she knows everything
- syn.  stubborn, intelligent, creative.
Na-than ( thən), n.  a 2 year old boy who enjoys causing chaos, singing twinkle twinkle, watching the wiggles, and eating snacks. 
- adj. word used to describe any object that can be used as a guitar, such as blocks, spoons, toothbrushes, spatulas, and books. 
- v. to play on the iPad surreptitiously (ie. “Where is that boy?” “Oh, he’s just Nathaning again.” )
o-ver-joyed (ō vər joid), adj. 1. feeling great joy or delight 2. How we feel when we think of the birth of our Savior, the blessings God has given us, of family and friends, health and opportunities,  and especially the knowledge of the gospel and the atonement.  
We-wish-you-a-Mer-ry-Christ-mas (wē wish ū ə mer rē kris məs), phrase. 1. and a Happy New Year
*Actually, extremely abridged


  1. Super cute and creative (as is to be expected from the queen of awesomeness)! We love you guys and are so glad that we get to enjoy your friendship! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. So cute, I love it! And so creative!!! One of the best cards I've seen. :)

  3. I love all these Christmas card ideas! How unique and fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. OM word.... Brilliant! I may just have to try my hand at something of the sorts this year!


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