November 11, 2011

Making Thank you Cards - Activity Day Girls

Since it is November, for our activity this past wednesday we talked about the importance of gratitude in our lives.  We pointed out to the girls that people who whine and complain aren't happy, and that people who are grateful usually are.  We found examples in the scriptures of the people showing gratitude to God even when times were not ideal.  Then we made cards to tell people thank you.

I supplied paper, stickers, and pens and the girls wrote notes to family members, teachers, and friends.  We also encouraged the girls to write at least one thank you note to send out to our service men and women who are serving our country.  Operation Christmas Cards is an organization that will send the cards out to the troops for the holidays.  This was an easy way to help the girls do some service.

A few girls at a time also went and made these cute turkeys in the kitchen.

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