July 21, 2011

"What We Like About You" Video

This past weekend, my husband's side of the family had a short family reunion.  The last day of the reunion we celebrated my mother-in-law's 60th birthday.  We had a family party with brownies and ice cream and bingo for the kids.  As part of our gift, we made a video of the grandkids saying 60 things they liked about grandma or favorite things they do with grandma.  Each grandchild said 3 or 4 words, with props or acting out the word.  The babies who were too small to speak just held signs or a sibling said the word for them.  It turned out to be really cute.

This idea was not my own. When my mom turned 60 a short while ago, she was in Albania on a church mission (see their mission blog), and so we had to do a long distance celebration, and my sister Emily thought of this cute idea and did it with her kids.  I just stole it.  Modern technology made it really easy to get video from sisters-in-law living far away, and then I compiled it, putting the words in alphabetical order just because, and added transitions, titles, and music.

You could adapt this idea to do a video for any special birthday, anniversary, to say thank you to teachers at the end of the school year, or any time you want to let someone know how special they are to you.

This youtube video doesn't have the opening letter to grandma or the background music it originally had, but you can get an idea of what we did by watching it.  And look at the cute boy saying bubbles.  Isn't he adorable?


  1. You are so great at making videos. This is such a great idea even for just a casual catch up for family you don't get to see often. It makes such a difference to actually hear and see the kiddo. Plus talk about a treasure to have to video for memories.

  2. Emily you are so great at making videos too! We loved the one you guys made for your mom. Maybe making some kind of video would be fun to do with all the kids while we are at your parents' house?

  3. We should do a video with the kids. Also I was thinking each family should do a slideshow of pictures or a video tour of a day in your life kind of thing for the family reunion.


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