July 10, 2011

Summer Slush


Every year my mom would make this slush for summer eating.  She would freeze it in large pans and we would just take chunks out with a fork when we wanted some (when we were older, not little kids of course) and pour lemon-lime soda over it.  And if you let it sit for a little bit, and get just the right ratio of soda to slush, it will mix up into a delicious slushy treat.  Mmmmmmm.  It reminds me of home whenever I eat it.

And just as a side note, if ever all of your grown up kids but one are visiting back home, but the last one can't come because she's stuck in Kentucky, and you're having dinner together, eating some of her favorite food (perhaps grilled salmon and fruit salad) PLUS delicious slush (which just might be what puts her over the edge), and she happens to call during dinner, don't tell her what you're eating all together and what she's missing out on, because she might feel really homesick and cry the rest of the night and remember it for a long time.  Hypothetically.

Recipe for Summer Slush:

4 cups sugar
6 cups water
Boil 3 minutes and cool

1 large concentrated orange juice
Juice of 3 lemons
48 oz. pineapple juice
5 mashed ripe bananas

Mix and freeze

I usually put the bananas in the blender with a bit of pineapple juice and blend it smooth before adding it to the other ingredients.  When the slush is all mixed, pour it into two 9x13 pans (or more) and put in the freezer to freeze.   I used to just add orange juice, because the recipe my mom gave me just says 1 large orange juice, but I learned recently that what she meant was 1 large container of frozen orange juice concentrate thawed.  I thought my sister was crazy when she was making the slush last weekend with concentrate, but she turned out to be right.  Weird.

To serve, just use a fork to get small chunks of slush, put them in a glass, and pour lemon-lime soda over the top.  I usually have a straw and a fork in my cup to drink and eat at the same time.

Joshua asked me for a glass of slush yesterday, and I gave him some.  He then quickly drank all the soda and left the slush in the cup.  I told him that next time he could just ask for soda if he didn't want the slush and that seemed like a crazy new idea to him.  Silly boy.  So I guess not everyone likes slush as much as I do.


  1. Oh! How sad. When did the phonecall during dinner happen? Sorry you missed out, but glad you were at my house for slush this last weekend! YEA!

  2. Long ago, maybe when Maren was a baby. Maybe I was pregnant which is why I was being extra dramatic and self-pitying.


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