June 28, 2011

"How I Became a Pirate" Pre-K Book Club

I started a summer book club for my 4 1/2 year old daughter and some of her friends. We're meeting once a week through the summer. Each time we will read a book, do a few activities, and have a snack. Yesterday was the first meeting and it was FUN!
We read the book "How I Became a Pirate" by Melinda Long, illustrated by David Shannon. The kids all repeated Braid Beard's (the pirate captain's) instructions as though they were the crew.
A pirate crew needs proper attire, so we made ourselves some pirate hats following these instructions.
Next we played Captain, Captain, Pirate (Duck, Duck, Goose) on the trampoline.
A sword is very important to a pirate, so the children all painted a sword made out of the free paint sticks from Home Depot. I used a large paint stick for the blade and glue gunned half of a small paint stick for the hilt.
In the beginning of the book, the boy Jeremy Jacob is making sand castles when he notices the pirates approaching the shore. We made sand castles out of rice krispy treats. This was really fun. I spread out a rectangle of Press 'N Hold paper on the table and gave them each a good amount of Rice Krispy treat to play with. I greased their hands so it wouldn't stick to the treats. They molded and snacked.
The whole morning was really fun!


  1. Awesome! I bet the kids loved it. Did anyone get hurt with the swords?

  2. No silly, of course not. We are skilled swordsman around here.

  3. That sounds So FUN! Do you have a book list you could share? Thanks

  4. Hi Niki! I don't have a book list. We just started the group, and each Mom is taking a turn and picking the book and activities she wants to do. The second meeting we had, the mom read "Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRay."She did activities about different things the children could be when they grow up.

  5. So Fun!! I really like this I'm starting one :) I have a 6yr old starting first grade homeschooling and sometimes I worry I spend too much time focusing on him. This would be a great way to do something special for my almost 4yr old! Love it Love it and love your blog very inspirational. Thanks :)

  6. Love what you are doing here! I am your new follower---look for copy catting (with links of course) at cowsgomooandducksgoquack.blogspot.com



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