March 17, 2011

Last minute rainbows

I wasn't going to do anything for St. Patrick's Day this year.  I put leprechaun kisses on the kids' faces last night, but other than that, I was done.  But the kids really wanted to do something festive, so we made these simple pudding rainbows and the kids thought they were really fun.  We mixed a box of vanilla pudding, separated it into 6 mugs, added food coloring, and layered it in our drinking glasses.  We added a couple big and many small marshmallows for clouds.  I wanted to use whipped cream, but the kids don't like whipped cream (isn't that strange?) so we opted for marshmallows.  I think they turned out pretty cute, and now we're all ready for dessert tonight.


  1. My kids like marshmallows better than cool whip too but I talked them into cool whip for our St. Patrick's parfaits. These are so cute!

  2. These are so cute! My son would likely request both whipped cream and marshmallows! :)


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