March 29, 2011

April Fools!

Our house is full of fools on April 1st.  Rather than playing pranks on each other, I tend to fill this day with silliness.  My kids think it's lots of fun, mostly.  Here are some easy things you can do to have a silly April Fool's Day.  

The night before, while the kids are sleeping, switch some of the clothes hanging in closets with their sibling's clothes.  I've always wanted to put Maren in Joshua's bed and Joshua in Maren's, but I've always been to afraid they'd freak out if they woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.   

Breakfast silliness - Put out mixing bowls and serving spoons for the kids to eat their cereal with; sure to get some laughs.  When the kids were littler and I used to pour their cereal for them, I would pour the cereal into their cup and pour their orange juice into their bowl. Maren thought it was hilarious.  Joshua screamed.  Can you tell which child is the sensitive one?

Lunch time silliness - Make your sandwiches with the bread in the middle and the ham and cheese on the outside.  Once I made the kids hotdogs, but in the bun hiding under the ketchup and mustard was a carrot.   Last year I had made jello in glasses and put a straw in it before it gelled.  The kids thought it was juice, and were delighted when they discovered the truth.  They still talk about that prank.  

Other fun things to do on April Fool's day include saying things like "Get in the car kids!  We're going to grandma's!" or "Who wants ice cream?" followed by the "April Fool's!" and evil laughing.  

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