February 7, 2011

Block Valentines

I have been trying to find a Valentine craft that is simple enough for a two year old. Unfortunately a lot of them require too much cutting or other things that are just too difficult for my toddler to do. I end up doing the entire thing by myself which I am not complaining about, but would rather have my child more involved. I recently came across this idea from Parents.com. I love the one on their site. The light pink with mint green letters is a fun and unique combination. Unfortunately when you are doing a craft with a toddler that they are able to do they get to choose their colors. Maybe I micromanage a little too much because it was hard to relinquish creative control. They turned out great though and Grace is very excited to give them to her dad.
There are a lot of other really great ideas for easy Valentine crafts on Parents.com. Check them out here. All of them are forms of printmaking which was a really fun way to teach my toddler about that unique type of art and how different shapes and textures create different designs.


  1. How fun! I've never seen that before. Now I wish I had some blocks like that. hmm. . . .

  2. I don't have those blocks either! I totally wish I did. This is a great idea!


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