January 19, 2011

The Sock War

("The Mighty JayBeezies" behind their fort)

Ah! The sock war! So much fun, so little work.

The origins of the sock war are unknown (by me at least) but I remember fondly the time spent as a child throwing socks at my siblings. The game is simple. You divide into two armies and build fortifications in a room or hallway, just the right distance apart for socks thrown by kids to travel. We started with 10 pair of socks for each team. Make sure the socks are well balled together. Here are the rules we play by:

1. You may only throw socks at the other army when you are behind your fort
2. If you get hit by a sock, you lie down and count to 10, as fast or slow as you please
3. You may travel into the area between forts to collect ammunition, but just remember to get back behind your fort before you fire on the enemy
4. If you catch a sock that has been thrown at you, the thrower lies down to count

("The Pounders" ready to attack!)

That's all. There is no clear cut winner or loser, but there will be much arguing over who was hit more. If you want you can set a time limit. We just played until the adults said "we're done". Actually, I called it quits first after about 15 min. (I had a cold) and the kids played with daddy without me for a long time. At one time, I was ambushed while preparing lunch in the kitchen, so we had to add an "only throw socks on the battlefield" rule.

It's a perfect rainy day activity; easy set-up, lots of running around, lots of laughing, occupies much time, easy clean-up, and the kids love it. In fact, they'll quickly do whatever chores they need to get done so we can have a sock war. If you've never had one, try it. Although watch out for dads. They throw socks hard.

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  1. Love it. We will have to try it. Yes, leave it to a Dad to injure someone with socks.


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