January 8, 2011

Filling Our Home with Love

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, our new "be nice to each other" incentive is a little house that we are trying to fill with hearts. I made the house out of an empty square kleenex tissue box and scrapbook paper I had left over from years past when I actually thought I'd have time to scrapbook. The roof is open on the back so the kids put the hearts through the hole where the tissues came out. The hearts I'm using are foam heart stickers left over from valentine making last year. I counted out 65 and when we've put them all in, there will be a family reward.

The kindness in our home really has improved since we've started focusing on it using things like the warm fuzzy jar, happy home, and christmas tree. There are definitely bad days, but overall the children are quicker to compliment each other when we're doing a project together, to let others go first, or to cheer up a sad sibling. Eventually of course I'd like it if they would do those things just because, and not to try to earn a prize, but we've all got to start somewhere.

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