December 12, 2010

Service Christmas Tree Windows

One Sunday my husband was talking to the kids about service.  I was in the other room trying to calm down our three year old who was throwing a major tantrum.   When I reentered the family room, I overheard my husband telling the kids that mommy could make a christmas tree and put it on the wall and cut out circles for ornaments and when they did service for someone they could write what they did on the ornament and put it on the tree and wouldn't that be great.  And I thought "oh really?"  I thought it was a good idea, but knew I wouldn't get around to cutting out lots of things, so instead we simplified, and now we have a beautiful service christmas tree window.  Again I used the crayola window crayons that I love so much, just like when we did our thanksgiving windows.  I drew the outline of the tree, and whenever one of our children does a service for someone they get to draw on an ornament or present or candy cane or whatever, just as long as they don't scribble or take up the whole tree.  On another window we write down what they did to serve, such as helping a sibling, cleaning the church, writing someone a nice letter to cheer them up, etc . . .   So far, the kids have loved it, and have drawn some fun ornaments.

the banana ornament is my favorite


  1. Nice. We are doing something similar except it's a present under the tree with a hole in it to put notes of what service things we are doing to give to Jesus as his bday present. We are going to read them together on Christmas Eve.

  2. oooh, that's a good idea. I like the reading them christmas eve part.


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