November 15, 2010

Craft Birthday Party

I have been busy planning birthday parties lately, and thought I would look through pictures from past years and post some of the things I've done for my kids' parties.

I love birthday parties.  I thought originally I would only do a party every other year for my children, but I really enjoy planning them and doing fun activities with the kids and decorating a cake, so we've been doing them every year.  I don't know that we always will.  I may get worn out.

My daughter loves arts and crafts, and decided she wanted to do some with her friends for her party last year.

We started with a big mural.  I put up some butcher paper, put out washable markers, and as the kids arrived, they drew. I had drawn a setting (it was just some waves) and the kids filled in the details.  They had a lot of fun making a story as they went.  My daughter had drawn a mermaid, and one of her friends went and drew a shark around it as if it had been eaten.  Fortunately my daughter thought this was funny and instead of being upset, counter attacked with some creative drawing of her own.    We left it up for a week or two and it was a fun reminder of her party.

Then we did some thanksgiving crafts I had bought from oriental trading company.
( If you ever do crafts with a bunch of kids that are 7 and under, make sure you have a lot of adult helpers, because I didn't and some kids were really upset that other kids were finishing before them.)

Then we opened presents and ate cake.  I really liked the cake.  I used airheads candy, rolled flat and cut in ovals, for the watercolors.  The paintbrush is a brown tootsie roll, white tootsie roll, and airheads.  I should have used one of those long brown cookie type things for the brush handle, but I didn't have one, so I did what I could.  I made a "box" out of white chocolate I had melted, spread out on parchment paper, and let harden.  I'm not a professional, and I'm sure someone else could make it better, but I really enjoy crafting cakes, and eating them too.

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  1. Wow you are so creative! I love the cake! I hope to do fun stuff like that when I eventually settled down and have a family of my own.


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