October 29, 2010

Halloween Magnet Haunted House

We've been studying magnets at our homeschool, and playing with them and doing experiments with them.  So yesterday when the kids were playing with them, we thought we could do a haunted house with them.  We got a cardboard box, decorated it to look spooky, and made our people.  We used sphere magnets we had, covered in toilet paper, for our ghosts, and taped a geotrax figure to a magnet to be our unsuspecting victim.  We put the box up on blocks on top of our piano bench.  We controlled the ghosts from above and the girl from below.  We took turns being the girl and telling the story of what was happening.  The kids discovered that if they pulled their wands up, the ghosts would drop, be attracted to the magnet the girl was on, and zoom to her.  They thought it looked like the ghosts were attacking her, which to them was pretty funny.  Maren then decided she needed to write out the story of what was going on, so we would have an official version, so we had an unscheduled writing project.  Perfect.

By the way, Maren is only charging $1.50 a copy for her new book "Lucy and the ghosts" if you're interested.

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