September 13, 2010

Sing-a-Long Primary Video

So while I was drifting off to sleep for my Sunday afternoon nap, I had an idea to review the primary program songs.  I lead the children in music at our church and we have a program coming up showing what we have learned this year.  Our primary program is not until Oct. 24th, so we still have many weeks to review.  I know this idea won't work out for many people who have already done their program or have it coming up soon, but maybe you could use it next year.  

I was thinking about how to get the kids to listen to their songs to practice for the program.  I actually think the kids know the songs pretty well, but there are a few places we could improve.  I was thinking about a dvd we got from my mother--in-law several christmases ago that has the songs for the 2006 program on it with pictures to go along with the songs and the words written on the bottom.  We listen/watch it most sunday mornings because the music is nice and the kids can sit and watch the pictures if they're done getting ready for church and we are busy.

Anyway, I was thinking, "why don't we make a video just like it, but with the kids?"  and I thought "yeah, that would be really fun!".  We could assign each class one song to prepare actions for, or pick out pictures for the song, and then video tape those kids doing the actions while everyone in primary sang in the background.  That way each child would be sure to see their face on the video.  I'd also get video of the whole group singing.  I'd then take the video home and edit it on my mac to put the words going across the bottom like a sing-a-long video.  We could either make dvds for everyone (which would cost money) or post it on youtube (which would be free but I don't know if some parents would be against that for some reason)  The kids would surely want to watch and listen to themselves lots, don't you think?  

So we're going to try it this Sunday, and hopefully it will go well.  I think the kids will be excited to perform their best for the video and it will help us get ready for the program.  

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  1. did you try the music video idea out with the kids? how did it go? can we view it yet?


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