September 26, 2010

Sing-a-long Primary video follow up

Well, I think this is a good idea, but next time I think I'll do things a little differently.  It was too much for the kids to try and record all the songs in one music time.  I had the junior primary do 4 songs and the senior primary do 4 songs.

It started out well.  The kids were really excited to make their own movie.  They sat up straight with their arms folded and sang out.  By the last song, all I got on tape was a lot of fidgeting and yawning, and nose picking.  

Next year, if I'm still in this calling, I'll do the songs a month at a time.  The last Sunday of the month we'll record the song we've been working on, and I can post it on youtube if the kids want to see it right away.  Then when all 8 months of songs have been recorded, I'll just compile them to a dvd and pass them out to help the kids practice for the program.  

This would also be fun for a Quarterly activity in the fall.  We could split up the kids and let them come up with the pictures or actions, film it, and then get back together and eat treats while we watch what everyone did.

Here's one of the songs.


  1. Good job Erin. I think it turned out wonderful!

  2. CUTE! I especially like the two mini-missionaries holding the scriptures for "his truth I will proclaim." That's so fun. Was it easy to split the movie and add the text?

  3. It wasn't too bad. I just had to make sure I kept my numbers straight so the moving lips matched up with the singing. I can show you how I did it when you get here in november if you like.


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