September 7, 2010

Primary Music Mascots

(It's kind of hard to tell, but there's a princess puppet and a knight puppet by Melissa & Doug, and then
a three headed dragon Folkmanis puppet)

Last Christmas, my wonderful brother and his fantastic wife sent my children three puppets for Christmas. I love puppets. When I saw these I knew I had to figure out some way to use them in primary during singing time. So one Sunday I introduced the children to a friend of mine, who would come out if we sang beautifully. Her name was Princess Primary. The kids loved her. She sat on the podium and listened to them sing, and blew them kisses when they were especially reverent or sang especially good. The next week Princess Primary told them that they sang so beautifully she brought one of her friends to hear them also. His name was Sir Sunday. He talked in a low voice and gave the kids high fives in the air for their great work. Over the next few weeks, Princess Primary and Sir Sunday were frequent visitors and helpers. Then one Sunday, awakened from his slumber by the angelic singing, the Dastardly Disruptive Dragon emerged from his cave and carried off Princess Primary, in hopes of stopping the singing. Each time we sang a part of the song we were learning, Sir Sunday came closer and closer to the tower (piano) where princess primary was held captive, until finally at the end of singing time we were able to rescue her. The kids love when the Dastardly Disruptive Dragon comes to singing time. They love to see him get angry at their reverent singing.

Obviously not everyone likes to use puppets, but I've found that they work really well to get the children's attention and make singing time fun for them. So I'll probably be posting a lot of my singing time ideas that use the puppets, and just thought you ought to know where they came from.

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  1. I looked this post up today because I couldn't remember the name of the Knight for primary. I'm bringing the puppets tomorrow.


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