September 6, 2010

frog birthday party

My little baby just turned 1, and since the kids call him "frog legs" due to his jumpiness, we thought a frog party would be appropriate. We had some family over and I planned games for the cousins. First we played "frog, frog, tadpole" which was a favorite with the younger cousins.
Then we lined pillows across the floor and had the kids jump across the "pond" from one lily pad to the next. They had to watch out for uncle alligator! Last we played frog tongues with "icky poo" ropes I got from a Klutz book. I lined up black paper "flies" on the ground, had two children stand on their own lily pads (aka construction paper) and they tried to pick up as many as they could with the sticky tongues in 1 minute. They really liked this game. Finally we enjoyed a nice frog cake. I had made it from a wilton ball cake pan. I cut off the rounded tops of two cupcakes and added slices of a large marshmallow with chocolate chips to complete the eyes. Every time I looked at this cake it made me smile, because he just looks like such a happy frog. This was a good low-key birthday party, easy and fun.

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  1. You are so creative. What great party games, so simple, and yet so fun!
    I think I might need to make some molasses cookies today.


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