August 14, 2010

Back to School YW survival kit

When I was in the Young Women's organization of our church many years ago, I created a back to school survival kit to give the girls before they started school. We put all the items in a pencil case and with the candy included a picture of Christ, about the size of a pass along card, with a magnet on the back to hang in their school lockers. We also attached a note. Here's the note (and then you can also see what was in the kit):

Back To School Survival Kit

Included in this kit are some things to help remind you how to make this a successful year:

M&M’s - Be a Member Missionary!

Pencil - You are writing the story of your life daily

Now & Laters - the decisions you make will effect you now and later

Eraser - Sometimes you will make mistakes

Purell - just remember the cleansing principle of repentance

Smarties - Study hard!

Life Savers - prayer can be a life saver when you need help!

Gum - Stick to your principles even when things get hard

Lollipop - Rely on the Holy Ghost to help you lick the opposition

100 grand-remember your great worth

Hershey Kisses - you are greatly loved!

Snickers - It’s important to laugh at yourself sometimes

The picture of our Savior is to hang in your locker so that you always remember who you are and why you are here. You can be a great influence for good in the lives of others through your example of righteous living. We hope all of you have a great school year! We love you!


Your YW Leaders

It did end up being a lot of candy I guess, but you can simplify and just choose a few things you think will mean most to your girls.

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  1. Great idea , I'm going to use it for seminary. Thanks Gma Pam


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