July 15, 2010

Eyeballs For Sale! (aka kid's book club)

This summer my kiddos have been participating in a weekly kids' book club with some of their friends. At the first meeting, each child chose a book for when it was their turn to host, and then a schedule was set up. Rather than trying to get the kids to sit down and discuss the book, the moms are in charge of asking questions and coming up with an activity or two when book club is at their house for their child's book. My kids have had a lot of fun reading some Magic Tree House books, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and others. This week was Maren's turn, and she chose "A Pizza the Size of the Sun" by Jack Prelutsky. It's a book of poetry and so we thought we would do a poetry reading. We set up a stage and put chairs in front (although mostly the kids wanted to sit on the floor) and let each child choose 1 or 2 favorite silly poems to read aloud. My kids loved the poem "eyeballs for sale!" and so we made eyeballs for a snack at the end of book club. We also had pizza NOT the size of the sun (bagel bites) which Maren actually liked to call Pizza the size of doorknobs.

This was my first time making cakeballs, which I've seen on various sites before. I think they turned out cute and they're super easy. You bake a cake, cool it, crumble it in a bowl and mix it with a can of frosting, roll into balls, put in the fridge for an hour to harden a bit, then dip in melted white chocolate and add a gummy lifesaver (which I actually sliced in half to make them thinner) and add a chocolate chip in the middle (definitely not a health food). I used a white cake mix and vanilla frosting, which I thought was a bit blah, but the kids really liked. My friend said she particularly likes the spice cake mixed with cream cheese frosting combination, so maybe we'll have to try those next time. I think it would be fun to make pumpkins at halloween.

Next week is Joshua's turn, and he's chosen a Cam Jansen book, so I'll post when I think of some activities for his book club.

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  1. Ian wants an "I" party this year and I am doing eyeballs (play on words thing) as decorations, but had no idea what I was going to do for the cake! Thanks so much cuz I think I found the solution!!


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