May 20, 2010

Summer Reading Charts

This year I made game board type summer reading charts for the kids. Each chart has 30 spaces, and on every 5th space there is a sticker. Every time they read a book (50 pgs. for my son, 150 for my daughter) they get to stamp a space. When they reach the sticker space they get to choose a small prize from my stash, and when they get to the treasure chest sticker at the end they get a bigger prize (which is a Klutz book this year).

For prizes this year, I bought a bunch of Silly Bandz and those Japanese take apart puzzle erasers at the parent teacher store. My kids love collecting those things. I think they're pretty cute too.

I let the kids decorate their reading charts with stickers and such. Maren put word stickers that say things like "you can do it!" near the prize squares. Funny girl.

We'll start the charts on June 1st. The kids are really excited about them and wish they could start them now.


  1. Very clever idea! I might have to try this with my kids!

  2. Love it! And I'm glad Silly Bandz have made it to you. They haven't made it to the west coast yet.

  3. Fun idea! I'm always looking for ways to make reading fun! Thanks so much for sharing on the link up! I hope you will join us again today!

    Rosemond @


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