August 11, 2011

Summer Reading Wrap-up

I think our summer reading wall was a success this year! We will definitely be doing something similar next year.  The kids were highly motivated to read.  I had originally put up 30 coupons for each child to earn, but Maren and Joshua both used them all and so I put up more, and they used all of those, so I had to put out more still.  I ran out of beach themed cut-outs, and so we had to use snowmen.  It's all I had in the drawer.  The kids thought it was funny.  I didn't do enough reading activities with Christopher, so he didn't get all of his coupons.  Poor neglected middle child.

Anyway, in case you wanted to know what my kids read this summer, I'm including a list of books. Feel free to ignore it.  Before they could choose a coupon off the wall they had to write down the title and number of pages in the book, but I didn't have them write down authors, and I don't feel like looking them all up.  You can always look up the book on amazon.  Maren read some shorter books, and she had to combine several to get her prize.  Joshua read some really long books (for a 6 year old) and so I gave him several coupons for those long books.

I put * by the kids' favorite books/series

Maren - 61 Books
- 11,366 pages
Lunch Money 222
No talking 140
The not just anybody family  149
Boy in the girls’ bathroom  159
Porch lies  146
fooled you   85
snow treasure  158
mist mantle book 1 282
the clue in the tower 173
the stolen saphire 173
the misadventures of maude 290
the earth dragon awakes  117
ive and bean #5   126
the secret school   153
turtle in paradise 191
hatching magic  242
home sick 163
too many blooms  192
kristina the girl king  176
who was william shakespeare  105
who was martin luther king jr.  105
who was leonardo da vinci   105
*Darke  641
the magykal papers  176
Isabel 203
Tales from the 1,001 nights  201
the fall  195
stargazer 276
the clue in the jewel box  181
wayside school  168
the fairies of nutfolk wood  243
2 ballpark mysteries  206
stone fox  81
the secret of the golden pavilion 184
3 jigsaw jones mysteries  217
case of the sneaky snowman 84
tic-tac-terror  185
sky sabotage 129
*the wizard of rondo 385
the book of time #1   213
mystery at the moss covered mansion   177
mystery of the tolling bell  181
*our only may amelia  253
the illyrian adventure 132
four clues for rani  117
the tiara club #5  68
the tiara club #2  69
the perfect party 80
the haunting of granite falls  216
early sunday morning 153
seeds of hope  185
the mystery of the ivory charm  179
the clue of the broken locket  178
*the wednesday tales  #1     427
the tigers egg  400
the lightning key  399
the magic thief  #3   374
it’s raining pigs and noodles   159
Joshua’s Books  - 25 books
    - 3,537 pages
the magician’s boy    101
*Harry potter #2      341
the new kid at school   91
MTH  #15  (stands for Magic Tree House)  70
MTH  #16  70
MTH  #17  72
MTH #18   71
MTH  #19   71
Batman 68
MTH #20  73
MTH #21  73
DSA #2  (Dragon Slayer's Academy)  70
MTH #22  70
*Beast Quest #22  78
Jigsaw Jones  #31   73
MTH #23   73
MTH  #24  72
*Charlie Bone  #1  401
Charlie Bone #2   402
DSA #3  90
MTH #25  72
Capital Mysteries #2  72
Charlie Bone #3   408
Charlie Bone #4   401
*Key to the Treasure  154


  1. Wow that is super awesome. What smart kids with an awesome mom/teacher:)

  2. That is such a great idea! I may have to do something like this for the kids next summer. They LOVE being read to, but I haven't had the easiest time getting Savannah to read on her own this summer.

  3. Very impressive. What a great idea!