May 31, 2011

Super Spy Identification Cards

Well, 6 months later, I finally got around to making the spy I.D. cards for my daughter's friends that I had planned to make last year after her Super Spy Training Party.  Maren and Joshua were playing spies this morning and couldn't remember their spy names from her party, so we found the paper we had written them on, and I was feeling bad that I never made the cards (or had her write thank you notes - oops.  December is a busy month . . . )  So this morning I went a little crazy and made cards for all the partygoers.

Do you ever get a picture in your head of what something should look like and then spend way too long trying to get it to look just right?  Yeah.  That's what happened to me.  I generally try not to spend a lot of time on things that might be going in the trash after a short while, but I just couldn't help myself.  I couldn't find anything online that looked like what I wanted and so I had to invent it myself, and it took way too long.  I used a business card template on Pages and modified it to fit my needs.  I found images of a barcode and fingerprint on the web and used them to make it look a bit more official.

The front of the card has the agents real name, code name, and Super Spy Strength.  Maren had fun coming up with spy strengths for her friends.  Some Spy Strengths she thought of were laser beam avoidance, disguise design, voice disguise specialist,  silent sneaking, and equipment specialist.  The back says: Agent has been trained at the Super Spy Advanced Training Camp, November 2010.  This license authorizes agent in all covert operations.  Agent's ID is to be kept secret at all times.  Use code name in all communications.  I ran the cards through the laminator.

My kids really like theirs, and hopefully they'll keep them for awhile, because I'll be mad if they don't.

update 10/2012:

I've had several requests for the template for these. I made these cards in Pages, but have tried to converting it to Word so it's easier to share.  I'm not sure how well this will work, but if you want a copy to edit, try clicking here for the front and here for the back.


  1. Those are really, really, really cool. They're totally worth neglecting anything else you were supposed to be doing.

  2. VERY cool!

    I've been sewing today and neglecting chores, so if you say I'm okay, I'll say you're okay.

    Seriously, we do all need time for creativity. Nothing we make will last forever, but we get to keep what we learned and the good feelings we had.

  3. Those are pretty sweet! Will you guys make one for me? I'd like my spy strength to be "ninja quickness".

  4. Thanks you guys! And yes, it was fun to make something, although I did feel a bit bad about being neglectful when I found Nathan with a mouth full of play-doh, but live and learn, right?

    And John, you got it. What's your code name though?

  5. I love those! I think things like this are totally worth the neglect that comes with it. Kids remember the special little things and this is definitely special. They will remember their spy cards forever. Go Erin!

  6. THANK YOU!!! This will be perfect for my 9 year old's upcoming birthday! How fun! I love it :)

    You are so creative and those spy cards are so official looking :) What a fabulous idea!

  7. I really enjoyed your idea and how you came up with it.
    You definitely inspired me for my son's next birthday as he wants a "private investigator b-day party".

  8. We used your spy idea for my son's birthday party and had a great time. I would love to make spy cards like these, but am having a hard time figuring it out. What program did you use to make them? Do you have a template? I'd really appreciate advice/help because it would really add that extra umph for the kiddos. Thanks!

  9. PS--email if you are able:

    amysuehatfield at gmail dot com

  10. Well....I'm impressed. And a bit intimidated. You are a great mom!

  11. This is amazing. Would love a copy of your template if possible. I am technology challenged. thanks, kim


    1. okay, I tried making a template and just included it in the post. Also, I emailed them to you. Hope they work!

  12. Hello
    I just found your site while trying to find 'spy i.d cards' for kids.
    I just wanted to say Thank you for posting the template on your site. You have just saved me a lot of time and I just wanted to let you know that this Mum really appreciates it. Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones.
    Simone King
    Perth Australia

  13. Very Creative and Cool.

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  15. Thanks a million for simplifying my task of making IDs for my kids' Christmas spy kits. You saved me!