November 30, 2010

Super Spy Training Birthday Party

My daughter asked for a spy party for her 8th birthday party, so we set up a "super spy advanced training" party for her.  We sent out invitations:

Future agents . . . you have been
specially selected to attend an
advanced class in super spy
techniques this Saturday, Nov. 20th
at 10:00 am.  Upon graduation you
will have mastered the skills of
observation, sneaking around, and
birthday cake consumption.  black
clothing would be appropriate but
is not necessary.  At 11:30 we will send 
you back out into the filed, prepared
to solve crimes and stop bad guys,
with a license to nil.

(please allow 6to 8 weeks for delivery of license.)

When the guests arrived, we took their pictures to go on their spy license, and had them color spies hiding behind bushes and park benches on a wall mural.  

a very serious spy

Next we chose our spy code names.  I put nouns in one jar and adjectives in another.  Maren helped me come up with them.  We let the kids pull one out of each jar and that was their code name.  Some of my favorites included the black thorn, the ruby snake, silent bear, and the diamond pickle. 

choosing code names

After choosing our code names, we sharpened our observational skills.  I used the same game from the Cam Jansen Book Club activity, where I put out several objects on a tray, let them study it for a few minutes, then had them close their eyes while I took 3 or 4 away.  They then would try and write down what was taken.  Each time I added new things.  We played for 4 or 5 rounds.  

thinking hard

Next we played a game I called "guard dog", to practice our sneaking, but I didn't get a picture of them playing.   I had one child sit with their eyes closed and their back turned to the rest of the group. We put an object behind them that they were protecting.  Then the chosen super spy would try to sneak up as quietly as possible and grab the item.  The guard dog had one chance to spin around and catch them, so they couldn't repeatedly turn around to try and catch the spy.

Their final training exercise was the laser beam challenge.  They formed a line and took turns trying to get through the hallway without touching any laser beams (red streamers).  I started with just 3 laser beams, and after the whole line had a turn, I added more.  By the end the hall was covered in streamers and it was very difficult to get through, but I was surprised how many kids made it without touching.  The kids had a lot of fun with this game.  
careful, careful
Then it was finally time for the birthday cupcakes!  Maren helped me make spy faces on the cupcakes with junior mint sunglasses and various other candies.  She really enjoyed making them, and eating them.

the bald guy's my favorite

When it was time to go home, we handed out the party bags.  I discovered that if you have a child with a birthday at the end of the year, and you're doing a "school" type of party, then you can get some great deals at oriental trading company on graduation things.  My son is having a "clown school" party in a couple of weeks, so we got some for him too.

The party bags included the following:

- magnifying glass
- graduation pen and notepad (from their easter sale)
- spy kazoo, for calling if you need help or secret spy signals
- flashlight (from halloween sale)
- graduation bubbles, to confuse your opponent (hey look, bubbles!)
- black graduation wristband, to help you identify other graduates
- spy mints in a sneaky credit card dispenser (I told the kids they were truth mints, and if you breathed on a person while sucking one, they would have to tell the truth.  I'm sure the parents appreciated that one)
- spy mustache and beard disguise

I made the mustaches and beards out of black felt and garment tape.  I had some garment tape left over from when I wore my wedding dress.  I am so glad I kept that in the drawer for 10 years! I knew it would come in handy.  

the fleet banana trying out the mustache and experimental eyebrows.
we decided not to do the eyebrows, as they really hurt coming off.  
The plan is to send official spy cards to everyone with their picture and code name on them when we send out the thank you notes.  I hope I get around to doing that someday.  (to see spy ID card I finally got around to making, click here)


  1. You have the best birthday parties. Hopefully in a couple years when I'm in charge of hosting them I'll remember to come back to your blog and steal all your ideas. :)

  2. What an amazing party! It looks like it was a hit. Maren is such a funny girl to request a party like that and thank goodness she has an incredible mom that can make it happen.

  3. Oh I looooove this! Fantastic looking party. So clever and creative! I bet the kids absolutely loved it.

  4. very cute! I love all the activities!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. Thanks! It was a fun party.

  6. Love the ideas! I'm featuring you as a favorite find for the week on my blog! Feel free to check it out at!
    ~*Jessica Lauren

  7. Your blog is mentioned on the Brazilian newspaper (online version) O Globo:
    Love your ideas for the Super Spy birthday party!

  8. Brazilian newspaper? Cool. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  9. i love the spy training with the masking tape! we have a ridiculously long hallway... i have to try this with my son!

  10. This is absolutely one of the best bday themes I've ever seen! I'm so inspired because my kids are so into spies! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for dropping in and leaving such nice comments!

  12. I had to steal your idea, it was awesome!
    I used laser pointers and a smoke machine as well.

  13. Saw this on PINTEREST and tried it with my girls last night. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. My son would go crazy over this! How creative!

  15. My daughter wants to be a spy when she grows up...she will love those idea. Thank you for sharing!

  16. I know this is a year later, but I used a bunch of your ideas! Probably will NEVER get a blog post done, but just wanted to say thank you! My girls had a BLAST!!!! :)

  17. Thanks so much! I love hearing that other people have fun with their kids using something I posted! Even if it is a year later. ;)

  18. Hello! I saw a photo from you in Pinterest months ago. As our daughter planned her "Secret Spy Agent" party this past weekend, I really had that photo of fun, in my mind and have actually linked to you! Thank you for sharing the photo that sparked my imagination! What fun parents you must be! This is the first time I am coming by and will enjoy seeing how you incorporated this in your day! There were oodles of ideas we could have continued with, with only the laser labarinyth!
    I look forward to returning! Warmest Gina @ willowday

  19. I've only been blogging for 2 months -- I'm not sure if there is anything else I should do, but, if you come by, you can see my little kudos to you! Best!

  20. What a great party! I love the disguises and the cupcakes are too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  21. The "laser" maze will be excellent to help kids with developing better gross motor control--thx! Karen

  22. Love these ideas. I'm going to use them for an Activity Days activity & then send the girls home with the "Secret Service" packet I saw on a blog called The Fickle Pickle. Then it will pass off a requirement under "Service". Thanks for the great idea. I also love the cute ID badges!

  23. we are going to print out an image of my daughter and one of Justin Bieber -then cut them up into puzzle pieces andlet the kids put them together as fast as they can

  24. Wow, it looks like so much fun! How creative, thanks for sharing!

  25. This is so awesome!!! the kids are going to have to fight the adults for this party in my house!! Love love love this party and your blog! Can I be a chicken baby too? :) Michelle

  26. This is such a neat party idea - LOVE it! I think this laser game would be a huge hit at a spy party!



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