October 20, 2014

Halloween Candy Math with Free Printables

These math activities are suitable for kids in preschool through 3rd grade and will make for an engaging lesson!

There are a few things I love about November 1st -

1. I can openly admit I'm listening to Christmas music without being labeled "Crazy Christmas Lady".

2. I don't have to feed the kids because they just eat candy the whole day.

3. We get to use all that Halloween candy as manipulatives for some fun math activities and exploration!

Every year we take our piles of candy and sort through them, separating and categorizing. We also do some weighing with our scale (which the kids LOVE), estimating, graphing, and word problem solving.

This year I have typed up some worksheets to make it easier for me and you! Feel free to print and use as many as you need. These could be used in your homeschool or in your classroom in a small center. If you are using in a classroom, you can bring in some of your own candy (or your kids) to have the kids sort through and graph. After the kids have all taken a turn at the halloween candy center you could send them home with one. (If you are in a school setting, I made a peanut free version of the candy graph, just in case you can't bring in snickers or reese's peanut butter cups.)

To download the pages, click on the word link above the picture. If you just click on the picture, it won't take you to the download page. I'm still working on figuring out PDF previews.

Weighing Activities

Graphing Activity

Easier Graphing Activity

Peanut Free Graphing Activity

Estimating and Graphing an M&Ms fun pack

Favorite Candy Venn Diagram

Halloween Candy Word Problems

I hope you enjoy using these in your homeschool or classroom!  Be sure to check out our other Halloween school ideas on the blog and follow on Pinterest, Facebook, and email for more great ideas!

Mummy Math

"Frank was a Monster who wanted to Dance" book activity

Roll a Monster Art Activity

Candy Corn Math Place Values

And lots of fun Halloween Games!

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